In Practice: Affiliate Marketing Vol. I

There are few subjects that I’ve researched as thoroughly as affiliate marketing. It’s such a diverse field that I won’t possibly be able to cover all the bases, but I’ll be sprinkling some affiliate links throughout my informational articles to test them out, and I’m thinking of opening up a new section of the website with product reviews

One problem with writing reviews of products is that the most useful reviews come from people that actually own the products. 

Well if you want to write a review of ten different camera’s, you need to go out and purchase ten cameras. Not a cheap thing to ask of a person living on a tight budget.

In my research, I’ve found that most successful affiliate sites tend to be articles comprised of editorialized reviews from other sites that have actually used the products mentioned, and that seems to be the best solution for my situation. For now, I’ll be finding a first-hand review of a product and comparing that review to others. Where one falls short, I’ll use other reviews to flesh it out, and then I’ll be creating a more comprehensive review that will provide a better glimpse of how the product actually fares.

Some businesses that I’ve purchased from to further my online career also have affiliate programs, so those links will be in my articles as they’re congruent with my goals. At no point will I be affiliating with products that I’m not 100% behind, even if their affiliate programs offer amazing benefits. My number one currency is the trust that readers have in my opinion, and partnering with any sub-par product or business will only hurt me in the long run.

Objectives for next update: 

  • Create a review article with a low-competition keyword in mind just to get the hang of it.
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