In Practice: Web Development Vol. 6

The frustrations of web development are really coming out these days. Right now, I’m involved in creating a webpage for a friend’s e-commerce store as well as a full site for a law firm. I’ve finished off the frameworks for each site, and they’re virtually ready to go up for the world to see, and yet I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for both clients to submit the content to fill the sites.

Such is life.

While I wait, I’ve been keeping busy. I think it would be a valuable asset to learn how to create static web pages from scratch, which means I’m learning the nitty gritty details that you don’t have to learn when creating WordPress sites.

Those details include writing my own HTML, CSS, and Javascript and having them function in conjunction with one another which isn’t a small task. Rather than going through a dry-as-hell site like Codecademy to learn, I’ve taken an example site, which likely cost thousands of dollars to create, and I’m aiming to emulate the project.

At this juncture, I’ve created my own custom HTML, and now I’m working on adding some style and animations to bring the whole thing to life.

If that isn’t enough, I’m picking up bits and pieces of Python and I hope to build some simplistic web applications in the near future to test my mettle.

It’s been quite awhile since my last update, and my goalposts have definitely moved, but here is my progress on my last goals.

Objectives from last update: 

  • Learn some PHP.

Haven’t touched PHP yet, but by learning some Python, I’ll be picking many of the basic principles that apply to a wide swath of coding languages. Syntax would be my biggest worry when switching to PHP.

  • Create a custom plugin

No PHP = no plugin

  • Build a basic child theme

I haven’t looked at WordPress in awhile, but by creating an entire site from scratch, I’m more familiar with the work involved in creating child themes.

  • Complete the new client site

I should really change this to “harass client until they send me content”.

Objectives for next update:

  • Build a simple plugin by using Python
  • Create a full website from scratch.
  • Harass client until they send me content
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Robert works part of the year as an international tour guide in Asia with Life Before Work Travel . When he's not getting paid to travel the world he's out in the field taking photos, on his laptop creating new sites, or sitting in the gutter petting stray dogs.