In Practice: Web Development Vol. IV

From one post to the next, I’m making huge strides in terms of comfort with the building software and speed. Here are a couple of big things I’ve improved on recently:

  • CSS was confusing the hell out of me. By using Beaver Builder, I had 5-6 different areas where I could insert custom CSS and they all worked with varying degrees of success. Finally, I figured out how to use the ‘Inspect Source’ (left click anywhere on a page and look at the drop-down menu) to find out which commands were dominant in the stylesheet. I still might invest in a CSS editor somewhere down the road to speed things up, but for now, I can make it work.
  • Goodbye Genesis Framework and child themes. I am now solely operating with Beaver Builder; the builder, theme, and themer. It was taking me days just to delete headers and footers to insert my own custom modules, now I can do it in seconds.
  • New hosting! I can finally get myself some SSL certificates (no thanks to you, Hostgator).

I’d say I’m 80% happy with how this website looks at the moment, I inserted some orange notes to add a little kick to the plain blue color scheme I was working with.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m ever really going to have a “launch” day for this site. The articles I’ve written to this point are fairly long and some have decent keyword research put into them so I’m going to try to start building some backlinks. If I can get any traffic coming in, then I’ll put some more thought into becoming more active on Facebook/Twitter to really build up some social shares.

I’m not set on that though, Facebook is a good medium to gain an audience (which I don’t really have outside of Instagram right now) and I feel as if I’m passing on a really solid opportunity. Once I finish writing these 54,000 words, I’ll make a decision as to whether or not this page will see a real launch.

My other sites have been sitting on the backburner for far too long, so I may be going in and refurbishing them after migrating them to Siteground (new host). Thankfully, they aren’t really too built up right now so I may just decide to start from scratch on all of them.

Yes, from scratch. Again. This should be the last time.

Objectives from the last  update: 

  • Redo the design of God Jord’s website

Not yet, but I just upgraded all my software. Give me a break.

  • Work on Where the Wifi’s Weak

Getting there! I’m much happier with the way the site’s looking. Shouldn’t be too long before it’s ready to go.

  • Write at least two more blog articles.

I think I wrote around 6. Really outdoing myself

Objectives for the next update: 

  • Revamp God Jord’s website
  • Get confrontingdesign.com to look reasonable
  • Pull foundationalphotography.com over to Siteground and get it up and running again.
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Robert works part of the year as an international tour guide in Asia with Life Before Work Travel . When he's not getting paid to travel the world he's out in the field taking photos, on his laptop creating new sites, or sitting in the gutter petting stray dogs.