In Practice: Web Development Vol. II

How things have changed since the first rendition of In Practice: Web Development! I made some important decisions, both for my web development arsenal and my bank account balance. Sadly, only one of those has improved and I’ll tell you right now that it’s not the bank balance. But, I’m excited about the things I’ve invested in!

Prior to this, I had created this site with $0 invested (other than buying the domain name and renting server space). To be frank, it wasn’t up to par. I don’t like the idea of launching this business with an ugly, bloated page that just isn’t as nice as others on the web. No, it doesn’t have to be the Mona Lisa before release, but it does have to be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

So, I went out and invested in a new plug-in for WordPress: Beaver Builder (BB)!

Now I’m obviously not an expert in web development, albeit I’m much better than I was a week ago, but I’ve completely rebuilt this site from the ground up, and it just feels… smoother. Faster. Just flat out better.

BB does have a steep learning curve and I’m using my slim knowledge of coding more than ever, yet it’s all seemingly coming together.

I did buy a few other things, such as the Genesis Theme with a couple child themes to top it off, and an image optimizer which is incredibly helpful as I’m using it for my photography site as well.

Wait… did I not mention that I have a photography site? Ah, that’s right. I’ve now got two other sites in development on top of the original two; foundationalphotography.com, and confrontingdesign.com for my web development business.

Here are a couple of the resources that I found useful this week:

Progress on last week’s goals:

  • Publish wherethewifisweak.com after cleaning out the old travel-based articles
    Not really planning on doing this until I’ve got at least two of my other sites up and running.
  • Publish restructuredwriting.com
    It’s ready and raring to go! However, I’m devoting my full attention to web development at the moment so it’s more of a portfolio piece than anything at the moment.
  • Come up with one more website idea that is different in style from both of the above. Potentially could be a web design website.
    Done. Confounding Design and Foundational Photography
  • Create 3 unique logo designs on the Affinity Designer software for each of Where the Wifi’s Weak, and Restructured Writing.
    Just have the one for each site at the moment, as well as one for Foundational Photography. I do need to get on this.

Goals for next update:

  • Get onto a content creation website (Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc.)
  • Write the first Methods: Web Design article.
  • Polish off the layouts for Where the Wifi’s Weak, Restructured Writing, and Foundational Photography.
  • Try to get somebody to agree to pay me for my work (Not ready to check my online banking balance. It’s been an expensive week)
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Robert works part of the year as an international tour guide in Asia with Life Before Work Travel . When he's not getting paid to travel the world he's out in the field taking photos, on his laptop creating new sites, or sitting in the gutter petting stray dogs.