In Practice: Writing Vol. III

I need to sit down for a few weeks and just work again. I haven’t gotten much of anything done because I’m moving every two nights, meaning I have one transport day (where I get no wifi), and then one full day in town (where I spent the day actually seeing some of the local sights), repeated ad nauseam. On top of that, I’m traveling with a friend who is on vacation, so we’re out on the town most nights, meaning I’m waking up most days with a hangover and no inspiration to put pen to paper.

Saying that it’s been a good week for figuring out how I’m going to present all of this information on the website.

At first, I was set on laying out everything in a chronological order; this is what you do first, then this second, etc.

But that’s what these ‘My Progress’ articles are doing. I’m implementing these steps in a chronological order, so if you want to follow along, these are a great resource to see just how I pulled it off.

Instead, my ‘Making Money: Methods’ articles will take individual online income methods, and break them down into smaller pieces that are easier to digest.

For instance, I’m not going to create a single piece on writing to make money online. Rather, I’m taking smaller bits of the whole, such as creating a writing portfolio, or connecting with editors, and pumping out actionable articles based on those pieces.

As I’m in the process of creating a freelance writing business, and I’ve got the framework for my writing website down, I’m working on my first ‘Methods’ article, How to Create a Freelance Writing Website.

Objectives and progress from the last update:

  • Choose a niche. It isn’t set in stone, I can change it at any time.

Narrowed my choices down to three: real estate, health & fitness, or agriculture. I know nothing about any of the above, but that’s the point. Choosing a niche that is profitable, yet too complicated to be oversaturated by poorly researched writers. More work, but high return on investment of time.

  • Create the writing website from scratch. It doesn’t have to be good, I’m not applying for website design jobs.

I’ve managed to research and write a 5-page document based on creating a perfect business website. I’m torn between paying for a theme, as I created this website for free (and I’m poor).

  • Draft some LOIs

Haven’t even thought about this since writing it. Not much point in doing it immediately, as I have no samples, and I don’t even have a niche picked.

  • Revamp the LinkedIn profile

Done as far as I could take it. Professional photo updated the profile information to include my status as a writer for Restructured Writing, and I’ll be creating blog posts on my site ASAP that are related to my niche.


Objective’s for next update:

  • For Christ’s sake, pick a niche. You know what? I’m doing real estate. I just did it. I’m a professional real estate writer. Job well done. I’m going to take a 10-minute break to pat myself on the back.


  • Okay, I’m back.
  • Find out what avenues to take to make money writing as a real estate professional. Will I be creating pamphlets, writing subscriber email ads, working on realtors websites?
  • Create a list of contacts that I know that are involved in the real estate business.
  • Get work on the website was done. It doesn’t have to be completely made, but there has to be some progress.
  • Finish the writing website article
  • Write an outline article for the entirety of writing online for cash
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Robert works part of the year as an international tour guide in Asia with Life Before Work Travel . When he's not getting paid to travel the world he's out in the field taking photos, on his laptop creating new sites, or sitting in the gutter petting stray dogs.