Web Development: General Path And My Results

Throughout my time researching the path to success in web development, I’ve found some useful resources that have helped me to find my direction in this vast job field. This video by Traversy Media is a very reasonable path that they came up with that ultimately leads to becoming a full-stack web developer.

I’m going to use the points in the video to give you all an overview of where I am right now in my own web development journey.


I’m rating myself on the following scale:

  • Professional
  • Proficient
  • Acceptable
  • Beginner
  • No experience

Any bold categories are those that I’m currently focused on!

Basic Website Creation

  • HTML/CSS – Proficient
  • Responsive creation – Proficient
  • Basic JavaScript – Acceptable
  • DOM manipulation – Acceptable
  • JSON – No experience
  • Registering domain name – Professional
  • Cpanel – Proficient
  • FTP – Acceptable
  • Photoshop – Proficient
  • Dynamic UI with JavaScript – Acceptable

Next Steps

  • Twitter Bootstrap 4 – No experience
  • React.js – No experience
  • Git Hub – Beginner
  • Basic Command Line – Beginner
  • APIS/REST – No experience
  • HTTP/SSL (requests) – No experience
  • Sass or Less (CSS) – Beginner
  • Webpack & Babel – No experience

Server Side

  • Node.js – No experience
  • Python – Beginner
  • PHP – Beginner
  • Ruby – No experience
  • C# & ASP.NET – No experience


  • MySQL or MongoDB – No experience
  • Oracle – No experience
  • Firebase – No experience

Server Side Frameworks

  • JavaScript: Express/Hapi.js etc. – No experience
  • Python: Django/Flask – No experience
  • PHP: Laravel, Symfony – No experience
  • Ruby: Ruby on Rails – No experience
  • C#: .NET – No experience

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress – Expert
  • Joomla/Drupal – No experience

Dev Ops & Deploying Applications

  • VPS
  • Cloud hosting server – No experience
  • SSH & Command Line – No experience
  • Server maintenance – No experience
  • Software updates – No experience

Mobile Applications

  • React Native
  • NativeScript

Here are some tasks that I’ll try to complete to prove that I’ve mastered the basics with links: 

  • Create a personal project website
  • Create a simple web application (front and back-end) – Not complete
  • Create an advanced web application (front and back-end) – Not complete
  • Create secure REST APIs – Not complete
  • Deploy and maintain an application – Not complete
  • Administer a database – Not complete

I’m going to continue to post written updates as I learn and grow as a web developer, but this is a little checklist for myself (and for you) that you can glance at to get a good idea of my progress.

I’ll post small update snippets with the date at the bottom so you can get an idea of the timeframe that I’m learning all of this!

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Robert works part of the year as an international tour guide in Asia with Life Before Work Travel . When he's not getting paid to travel the world he's out in the field taking photos, on his laptop creating new sites, or sitting in the gutter petting stray dogs.